"Working with you is simply a pleasure" (Managing director)

No international network – just a dedicated team of two translators

Our apologies, TEXTINSIDE is no "international network of 2,000 translation professionals with 83 different language pairs that ensures the success of your business with bespoke service packages, proprietary technology and optimized workflows …"

We are just a team of two dedicated translators. And we only translate engineering, legal and business texts from German into English and vice versa. That is what we are good at and that is all we do.

And yet our customers stay with us. Some of them have even been entrusting us with their jobs for more than 25 years.

  • They like the personal relationship with a small team that is easy to work with.
  • They know from their many years of experience that we are absolutely reliable.

But what our clients appreciate most is that
we don't just translate what the text says but make sure that …

.. our translation makes sense.